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Blancomedia Projects and Client List

Please check out any of the over 100 projects Blancomedia has completed since our incorporation in the anthology of projects below. We are proud of our track record of happy and satisfied clients and hope we will be adding your company or project to our list in the near future.

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Blancomedia launches online application for the Council for Responsible Sport. The Council for Responsible Sport provides an independent, comprehensive certification for event directors to incorporate environmental and socially responsible initiatives into their events while informing consumers which events adhere to higher standards of sustainability. Blancomedia inherited a partially completed ASP.NET application, added functionality and completed the programming. This application program will be used for event directors to apply for enviromental sustainability rankings certification of their events. (Blancomedia)

Brinks Communication
Blancomedia launches Brinks Communication website. Brink Communications (formerly Carlson Communications) is a boutique marketing, communications and public relations firm that serves clients in the non-profit, private and public sectors. Blancomedia was contracted to build and launch the website using WordPress 3.3 technology.(GoodWorks)

Blancomedia launches ORINGINAL JOES SAN FRANCISCO website. Original Joe’s is the quintessential, classic San Francisco dining experience. A fabric of the City for 75 years, it is located in the heart of the historic and majestic North Beach, a mecca for natives, tourists, and culinary aficionados alike. Blancomedia was hired to create a template using WordPress 3.3 technology from a graphic files produced for the site.(Alyssa Warnock)

Eco Districts Summit
Blancomedia adds functionality to Eco Districts Summit website. Produced by the Portland Sustainability Institute, the EcoDistricts Summit is the premier annual conference dedicated to neighborhood-scale sustainability innovation. Each year, Eco Districts Summit convene some of the world's leading professionals and projects to share best practices, explore innovative topics and connect with each other. Blancomedia was contracted to modify the website for the Portland Sustainability Institute.(GoodWorks)

Blancomedia launches Urban Resources website. Urban Resources, Inc. provides comprehensive project management services spanning the development and construction process, including feasibility, design, permitting and construction. URI was founded by construction professional Randy Boehm in 2006, following 27 years at a large NW contractor. Having risen through the ranks to Principal, Randy has deep expertise in all phases of preconstruction and construction.(GoodWorks).

Triple Knot Townhomes
Blancomedia launches Triple Knot Townhomes website for Arrowood Development. Bordering the 11th fairway at Tetherow Golf Club, the first phase of Tripleknot Townhomes lets you secure a maintenance-free lifestyle with panoramic views of a half dozen Cascade peaks. The nationally ranked course is a unique Scottish heathland design by architect David McLay Kidd, well known for his award-winning layouts at Bandon Dunes and St. Andrews in Scotland. Created using Word Press 3.3, Blancomedia provided technical support for Arrowood Development in their townhome marketing project.

LEGO Santa Yoda
Blancomedia launches LEGO Santa Yoda website. Created as a pre-christmas micro site to test the popularity of the latest action figure from LEGO and Lucas Arts. This site is focused on building product awareness via a community of Star Wars and LEGO fans and their creative stop action movie making abilities. This site is built using ColdFusion technology and HTML, CSS and JQUERY for an optimized and friendly mobile website. (Cosmic Planet)

Intuit Loan Finder
Blancomedia launches the new Intuit Loan Finder website. This site allows potential customers an expendited method to get pre-screened for new loan applications. This site is built using php technology and HTML, CSS and JQUERY. (Cosmic Planet)

Blancomedia launches the PUFF website for La Boulange Bakery. This site is built using WordPress 3.3. (Alyssa Warnock Design Studio)

Blancomedia launches the new website functionality for First Indy. This site is built using php. (Grady Britton)

Blancomedia works on updating the existing website for Clean Energy Works - Oregon. This site is built using php. (Grady Britton)

We Build Green Cities
Blancomedia launches a new website for the city of Portland - We Build Green Cities. This site is built using Cold Fusion technology and HTML, CSS and JQUERY for an optimized and friendly mobile website. (GOOD WORKS DESIGN)

Portland Sustainability Institute
Blancomedia updates the existing website for Portland Sustainability Institute. This site is built using Joomla. (GOOD WORKS DESIGN)

Blancomedia launches a new website forworld famous ultra Marathoner Dean Karnasez. This site is built using PHP technology and HTML, CSS and JQUERY for an optimized and friendly mobile website. (Cosmic Planet)

Blancomedia produced six Google Banner Ads for Sacred Heart (Citrus Begin)
Blancomedia works in producing the new teaser site for LEGO SUPER HEROES. This site is built using Adobe Cold Fusion technology and HTML, CSS and JQUERY for an aptimized and friendly mobile website. (Cosmic Planet)

Blancomedia launches the updated website for the US OUTDOOR STORE, serving the needs of snow, water & land sport enthusiasts of the Pacific Northwestern United States for over 50 years. US OUTDOOR STORE specializes in men's and women's sportswear and equipment, outdoor clothing, surf clothes, snowboard clothing, skiwear and skate clothes. This site is built using Adobe Cold Fusion technology.

Blancomedia believes in civic involvment. When we were approached to help in the effort to keep the existing recycling program alive in San Francisco we jumped at the chance. The new website for RECOLOGY encourages customers to send an email in support of San Francisco recycling programs. Blancomedia used Adobe Coldfusion to build the entry form.

Blancomedia launches new website for ID WORKSHOP. Industrial Design Workshop is probably the nation's leading active footwear designers. Since 2003 IDW has designed shoes for over 50 different brands worldwide, including Nike, Adidas, Converse, FOX, Helly Hansen, and many more! There is a very good chance the shoe you're wearing on your foot is designed by this team of consultants. Blancomedia was approached to help focus the online presence, help formulate a online marketing plan, and integrate this marketing strategy in a new website. Blancomedia developed this ID Workshop site using Adobe ColdFusion Technology.

Blancomedia launches new website for LAS VEGAS MEETINGS- by Caesars Entertainment (Citrus Begin)

Blancomedia launches new layout and Adobe ColdFusion ecommerce platform for the WENDMAG STORE. WendMag owns both online and hard copy editions of content focus on adventure travel and cutural growth.

Blancomedia launches MASSIVE online application for the phlebotomist company IPPG, recognized as a national model leader in the mobile phlebotomy service market. With over two years of development time and more than a MILLION lines of programming code. Blancomedia has arguably created one of the most comprehensive integrated online enterprise-level business applications to date on the internet. Built on Cold Fusion Technology this HIPPA compliant application is responsible for running a Mobile Plebotomy Company that takes over 300,000 blood draws yearly covering the entire southern California region (LA county to San Diego) for the Kaiser Permentente Insurance Group. The development of this application brought online the full power of our business development and Adobe ColdFusion programming talent.
Blancomedia launches new website for SILA - REAL FOOD, an initiative by world renowned immunologist Dobri Kiprov, M.D.

Blancomedia launches Blackfoot website project for citrus Begin. Citrus Begin is a traditional marketing agency based in Bend Oregon. Blancomedia has been fortunate to work closely with Citrus on several projects ranging from Flash programming, cold fusion application development, and HTML/CSS development.

Blancomedia donates it's services to create and launch Adopt A Dog website. This site allows organization volunteers to have full control over administering and update content and new animals up for adoption. Blancomedia beleive in civic involvement and welcomes projects that make a difference!

Blancomedia creates SEO / SEM enhanced marketing strategy for Hooked on Driving using BLOG, Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube Channel strategies.

Sailworks got some serious SEO / SEM updates this spring and is looking better than ever ready for the upcoming windsurfing season with new site architecture, brand new home page as well as clean and user friendly URLs.

Blancomedia launched LIFESTYLE IN MOTION web site, an initiative by world renowned immunologist Dobri Kiprov, M.D.

Blancomedia creates offline marketing Magazine ad for Sailworks with a "Call to Action" to encourage increased web traffic.

Blancomedia make $5000 contribution to Kiteboarding 4 Cancer and takes over website working on new and exciting features.

Blancomedia implements BLOG online marketing strategy for Write-Stuff

Blancomedia produced seven Flash Yahoo Banner Ads for Providence (Citrus Begin)
Blancomedia launched brand new HMK USA web site

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Blancomedia launched Big O Tire registration module, added to Hooked on Driving
Blancomedia launched Women in Balance home page redesign
Blancomedia launched Women in Balance "Provider Locator Module"
Wildhorse Casino Sweepstakes promotion lauched (Citrus Begin)
Adobe Flash CS4 Banner ads produced (OJP)
Blancomedia launched iPhone optimized web site for Hooked on Driving
Blancomedia launched Informed Guides mobile update
CEO Levi's newletter launched
Blissful Brownies web site redesign launched

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Informed Publications account taken over by Blancomedia

Nike Golf DynoSQL Club interactive presentation launched (Summit Projects)

Red Bull Rough Cuts web site launched - Travis Pastrana edition

Blancomedia contracted to create and send Adobe newsletters for 2009 (OJP)
Red Bull Airforce web site started
Blancomedia launched Red Feather Mercantile web site
Blancomedia launched Women in Balance web site

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"I Want Freedom of Choice" web site launched

Adobe Flash CS3 web site Marquee launched (OJP)
Blancomedia launched Emerita web site

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Cosmic Planet web site redesign launched
Blancomedia published QMC "Frame Walker" brochure
Central Oregon Visitors Association web site launched (Citrus Begin)
Blancomedia launched See Me Read web site
E-commerce platform added to Buccella Wines

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Blancomedia launched Freelance Imaging web site
Blancomedia launched Citrus Begin web site
Lego Nation web site launched (Cosmic Planet)
Parmenter Homes web site launched (509 Design)

Blancomedia produces a Flash Interactive presentation for Adobe Connect (OJP)
RedBull Rough Cuts web site - Ryan Scheckler edition - launched
Reb Bull Scavenger Hunt web site launched
Blancomedia delivered the Intel Corp branding campaign "Pebcak Translator"
Red Bull "Ride the Baja" web site launched (Cosmic Planet)
Flash programming for UniCare Presentation (O'Connel Marketing)
Plantronics headset pairing guide module added to web site launched
Hood River Cinemas web site lauched
Reb Bull Surfline "Movie Maker" launched (Cosmic Planet)
Medtronics Flash Kiosk interactive presentation delivered (Cosmic Planet)
Red Bull Fuel and Fury web site launched
Helping Hands Against Violence web site launched
Wake Boarding Magazine "Boat Inspector" launched
Novellus Systems Flash Touch Screen Interactive Presentation (Cosmic Planet)
Cliff Bar / Luna Bar Support (Summit Projects)
Red Bull Art of the Can web site launched (Cosmic Planet)
Interview Clips Web Application launched
Blancomedia launched Polly's Cakes web site
Blancomedia supports DAKINE web site. (Summit Projects)
Sailworks web site launched
Red Bull Rampage web site launched
Sailworks Rigging 101 DVD produced - all aspects of production were handled in-house
The Write-Stuff launched
Blancomedia produced Event Fabric motion graphic for the Banff Film Festival
Bucella Wines web site launched
Blancomedia developes the Wipika Kiteboarding website using flash action script for the animated interface and ColdFusion technology to manage the dynamically driven database content and it's interactivity. This launch marks the inception of BLANCOMEDIA, incorporation follows shortly there after.



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Blancomedia specializes in professional application development either working directly with a company or for agencies as an outsourced programming consultant for their more complicated technical tasks. We commonly are utilized to leverage the programming resources of marketing agencies as well as keep overhead costs lower and extend their technical expertise. Our experience working with agencies over the last 10 years has given us a unique understanding of the business model and the best practices for our seamless integration into their work flow. At Blancomedia, we pride ourselves on our attention to the quality details high-profile customers demand, as well as nurturing our working relationships with our partners. Whatever you application development and programming needs are we have the in-house expertise to deliver your project on time, on budget, and without surprises.

Who are our clients? Our work includes projects for some of the biggest and best know brands such as Red Bull, LEGO, Lucas Arts, Intuit, Adobe, Levi's, Nike Golf, Intel, Kaiser Permanente, Plantronics, Novellus systems, Medtronic, Providence. For a complete list of our projects please view our work here

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