What We Do

Blancomedia specializes in professional application development either working directly with a company or for agencies as a way to extend their programming resources and keep overhead costs lower. In either environment, our focus is on the client and delivering their project on time without surprise

Agency Programming and Application Development Consultant

In addition to offering a full-service web development environment, we commonly are utilized to leverage the programming resources of marketing agencies as well as keep overhead costs lower and extend their technical expertise. Our experience working with agencies over the last 10 years has given us a unique understanding of their business model and the best practices for our seamless integration into their workflow. At Blancomedia, we pride ourselves on our attention to the quality details of high-profile customers demand, as well as nurturing our working relationships with our partners. Whatever your application development and programming needs are we have the in-house expertise to deliver your project on time, on budget, and without surprises.

Blancomedia is your outsourced programming solution! We deliver on time....always!

We understand the programming needs of your agency and what you need from your partners. Blancomedia stands for a professional, flexible and adaptable team-minded group of people delivering consistent high-quality work, always on time, without surprises or excuses. We choose to work with agencies because we like the exciting and creative opportunities they bring us. We like to use new and cutting-edge digital technologies for high-profile customers that appreciate our level of experience. In turn, we understand every job means your reputation as an employee and a company is on the line. Our 15+ year track record shows that we always get the project done right and on time.

No disappointments, ever.

For a complete overview of the projects and agencies, we've worked with please download our Agency Project List.

Service Web Design and Development

Have an idea for a special website or new online business? Blancomedia provides professional full-service website development. We start with an in-depth Discovery Phase (link see white paper) where we work with your team to construct a comprehensive plan, complete with a creative brief and fully detailed technical specifications. From these documents, we have the complete “blueprints” to move into the design phase producing the user interface, that both graphically represents your company and provide the visitor with the most effective means to interact with your products or services. Once the design is approved we move to the construction of web site, production of graphics, and programming the interaction and features that visitors will see and use. Throughout the process, we are in communication ensuring no surprises or disappointments. Our track record in customer satisfaction speaks of our long-term commitment and reliability.

Technologies used at Blancomedia

Blancomedia is dedicated to being first and foremost a programming and application developer. We understand the dynamic world online technology is always changing. This means in addition to our expertise in .NET, PHP, Flash AS3, Cold Fusion, Html, CSS, HTML5, JQUERY, AJAX, Word Press, and other current and relevant technologies being used in the internet industry, we continually devote resources to learning and acquiring the necessary skills and personnel required to offer complete development service in-house.

Itegrated Online Business Solutions

Blancomedia specializes in creating cost-saving, and productivity-increasing tools for companies. Blancomedia specializes in applying the power of online technology to create custom tools for increasing productivity and cutting overhead costs. Our Blancomedia business development team works with your company to discover ways in which your day-to-day tasks can be reduced or even automated using server-side applications. Additionally, many companies using internal programs can now take advantage of our technical team to move those programs online, with the advantage of seamless upgrading and refinement. We are sure we can improve your bottom line, just give us a call - 541 400 8015.


Our team at Blancomedia has been building custom e-commerce websites since the inception of the online transaction. Our full-service expertise can take your raw idea, existing brick, and mortar business, or existing online business to its full potential.

Online Marketing

Blancomedia offers full-service online marketing services, from simply enhancing a company's current marketing efforts to creating an entire marketing strategy, complete with multi-channel campaigns, social media marketing, organic, and pay-per-click search optimization. Additionally, once the campaign has been implemented, Blancomedia's full-service performance tracking monitors and further optimizes the strategy, as well as its marketing assets to achieve maximum performance.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Blancomedia provides full-service Search Engine Optimization consulting and implementation. Our SEO services begin with an in-depth discovery of your core message and target audience. We then review your current online presence and formulate a modification strategy to increase your visibility to those visitors most likely to purchase your products or use your services. For more information view or SEO document.

Cold Fusion Developer

Blancomedia has achieved a very high working competency using the Adobe Cold Fusion Server Development Platform. We are often requested to assist other development companies and agencies as an outsource solution. We are happy to accommodate any and all requests for partial or full development or maintenance on sites or applications using ColdFusion.

Blancomedia and its Team members have established themselves as nationally recognized leaders in Cold Fusion Development. We are continually delivering robust quality applications and consulting nationally to clients such as Red Bull, Nike Testing, DaKine, Dr. Martens, Lego, Emerita, Hmk Snowmobiling, Women in Balance, Informed Guides, Hooked on Driving, IPPG, Wake Boarding Magazine, and many others including Sailworks, Ezzy.com, WendMag, US Outdoor, ID Workshop, The Write Stuff, Blissful Brownies, Athletes for Cancer, Club Auto Sport, Big O Tires, See Me Read, Parmenter Homes, Slingshot Kites, Thunderhill Raceway, Hood River Theaters, and Interview Clips.